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Congratulations to David Schreier for taking 1st in the PhD competition at SB3C this year in Washington DC!

Congratulations to Mark Golob for winning a travel award to Ion Optics!

Congratulations to Naomi Chesler and Robery Naejie, there article "Pulmonary Circulation at Exercise", was one of the top ten cited articles in Comprehensive Physiology since 2011!

• Future events

▫ American Thoracic Society Conference

@San Diego, May 16-21, 2014,
(event can be found at: ATS 2014) Aiping Liu and Naomi Chesler will be presenting!

▫ World Congress of Biomechanics

@Boston, July 6-11, 2014,
(event can be found at: WCB 2014.) David Schreier, Mark Golob, Zhijie Wang, Aiping Liu, Omid Forouzan, Joseph Henningsen, Alessandro Bellofiore and Naomi Chesler will be presenting!

▫ Biomedical Engineering Society Conference

@San Antonio, October 22-25, 2014.
(event can be found at: BMES 2014 )

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▫ VTB lab event


• Moments of VTB lab

  • Fall day at Velkommen til Eplegaarden
  • Fall day at Sutter's Ridge Farm
  • Potluck party at Professor Chesler's house
  • Magical moment of 11/11/11 11:11am
  • Pittsburgh airport
  • Cardiovascular Research Center poster fair
  • Prof. Naomi Chesler's birthday
  • On a staircase
  • Icecream time
  • Dr.Zhijie Wang's birthday